KONG Kickeroo Catnip Cat Toy Review

KONG Kickeroo


Cat Engagement


Catnip Potency







  • Potent catnip
  • Great for kicking
  • Engaging crinkle tail


  • Catnip is not refillable
  • Too big for carrying

The KONG Kickeroo Catnip Cat Toy is yet another top-pick for your cat toy collection. This jumbo-sized cat toy is generously packed with potent catnip that your kitty will enjoy kicking the %@!# out of.

The KONG Kickeroo Catnip Cat Toy consists of an 11” polyfill and catnip stuffed body with a 6” crinkle tail attached. This 17” long toy might be too big for your cat to carry around the house, but it’s the perfect size for wrestling, kicking, and occasionally cuddling.  The KONG Kickeroo is nearly twice as long as the KONG Cat Cozie Kickeroo.

While the KONG Kickeroo Catnip Cat Toy is not refillable, it does have a good amount of long-lasting catnip in it. This toy is incredibly durable and should hold up well over time. Cats either love or hate the crinkle tail. If your cat is scared of strange noises, you might want to consider a different kicker toy like the Kitty Kick Stix Catnip Kicker.

Tip: Keep your catnip and catnip toys in the freezer to preserve the freshness of the catnip. It’s also a good idea to keep your catnip toys in rotation so your cat doesn’t get bored as quickly.