Panel of Experts

Django, Head of Quality Control

Django is a 4.5-year old Savannah who has extensive experience destroying cat toys and pushing cat furniture products to their limits. As an extremely active, 14-pound, ball of energy, Django specializes in testing products for durability, stability, and overall quality. Countless scratching posts, carpeted cat furniture, interactive squeak toys, and the occasional roll of toilet paper have met their demise at the paws of this tough kitty.

Arya, Chief Safety Inspector

Arya is a 4.5-year old Savannah who has spent the majority of her life being chased and attacked by her brother, Django. She is one of the clumsiest kitties around and has managed to fall off or knock over just about everything in the house. Arya’s specialties include stability testing, functionality analysis, and entertainment evaluation. She’s also the go-to tester for all horizontal scratching posts and non-interactive cat toys.

Puddles, ADD Product Tester

Puddles is a 5 year old spoiled kitty. As the sole feline occupant of a rather large home, she oftentimes retreats to a quiet comfy hiding place to escape all the commotion. So when it comes to cat toys, they better be super engaging or filled with catnip if they’re going to stand a chance at winning her attention. Puddles is the quality tester for normal wear-and-tear on toys and cat furniture. She is also the only cat on our panel with experience dismantling auto-cat feeders.

Princess Leia, Heavy-Weight Product Tester

Weighing in at 16 pounds, Princess Leia has over 12 years of experience testing out various food products. Due to her indiscriminate appetite (and thyroid problem) she has transitioned from food testing to furniture capacity testing.

Fluffy, Chief Health Advisor

Fluffy is an 12 year old neurotic kitty who spends most of her time grooming and pulling her fur out in an attempt to defy her namesake. Fluffy’s compulsive licking has provided her valuable experience with flea treatments, veterinarian-prescribed anxiety medications and limited-ingredient diets.

Max, Student Intern

Max is a 1 year old ball of fluff from the mean streets of Plant City. Although he only has 3-months of experience indoors, this young rookie is determined to climb the corporate scratching post. In his spare time Max enjoys snuggles, propelling himself along the bottom of the couch using only his claws, falling off the bed, and his favorite pickle toy. He is excited to test anything he can get his paws on!