About Kitty Loaf

Kitty Loaf is the go-to cat blog and review site for proud cat owners. We showcase the best cat loaf of the day and with the help of our trusted Savannah Cats we provide thorough product reviews and helpful advice for fellow cat owners.

About Me

My name is Annie and I’m a fellow cat-lover who takes my role as kitty mom very seriously. I understand that most pet owners want the very best for their companions. I certainly do. In addition to being a crazy cat lady, I’m also a research-aholic. Whether I’m shopping for me or my cats, I tend to go to extremes to make sure I get the best products out there. I’ll sift through hundreds of reviews, read up on the specifications, compare prices, and then analyze all of my findings before making a purchase. It might seem a bit excessive to spend weeks researching which type of kitty litter to buy, but for me it’s fun. And the reward I get when my cat is happy and healthy makes all the effort worthwhile.


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