GoCat Da Bird Review

GoCat Da Bird


Cat Engagement






Durability / Longevity



  • Looks realistic
  • Good pole length
  • Mimics movement of birds
  • Replacement Danglers available


  • Pricey
  • String Tangles Easily
  • Hazardous if swallowed

The GoCat Da Bird interactive wand toy is a favorite for bird-loving cats. This toy looks and moves like a real bird. Compared to other feather cat toys, Da Bird is much better quality and will last quite a bit longer.

The GoCat Da Bird cat toy along with GoCat’s other products is manufactured in the USA. The Da Bird cat toy can be purchased in 2 options- the original single plastic pole or the newer 2-part fiberglass wand. Both wands are 36” in length and have a feather dangler that’s attached by a string. The Da Bird feather dangler can be replaced without having to replace the entire wand. While the 2-part wand is a nice feature for storage, it seems to be more of a nuisance during play because it frequently comes apart. There have also been several complaints about the 2-part fiberglass wand leaving splinters of glass on your hands and even your cat. Therefore, we definitely recommend sticking with the original Da Bird cat toy with the single wand.

SAFETY WARNING: While the feather portion alone is not hazardous, the small metal connector that holds the dangler together is dangerous if swallowed. As responsible cat owners, you should never leave this toy or any interactive wand toys out when you aren’t using them. Keep them secured in a closet or drawer.