YEOWWW! Banana Catnip Cat Toy Review

YEOWWW! Banana Catnip Toy


Cat Engagement


Catnip Potency







  • 100% filled with catnip
  • Long-lasting, potent catnip
  • Very durable


  • Catnip is not refillable

The YEOWWW! Banana Catnip Toy is one of our top-rated cat toys. As with other YEOWWW! catnip toys, the yellow banana is 100% filled with top quality catnip. This catnip toy is sure to make your cat go bananas!

The YEOWWW! Banana Catnip Toy is approximately 7” long and 3” wide. It is a great size for wrestling, kicking, and throwing. Some cats will even carry it around the house. The textured cotton twill fabric is incredibly durable. The YEOWWW! Banana Catnip Toy is a very straightforward, simple design that ensures it will last a long time.

All catnip loses potency over time, but the top quality organically grown catnip that YEOWWW! uses in all of their products seems to last a lot longer than others.  If your kitty isn’t a fan of fruit, you can try out these other catnip products by YEOWWW! that are equally as popular.

Tip: Keep your catnip and catnip toys in the freezer to preserve the freshness of the catnip. It’s also a good idea to keep your catnip toys in rotation so your cat doesn’t get bored as quickly.