Sophia Wall-Mounted Cat Tree Review

Sophia Wall-Mounted Cat Tree


Attractive Appearance


Ease of Assembly







  • Blends in with décor
  • Great for lounging
  • Has a shelf for storage
  • Doesn't look like cat furniture


  • Low quality
  • Difficult to install
  • Top surfaces are slippery
  • Warped shelves
  • Unattractive brackets


The Sophia Wall-Mounted Cat Tree by Designer Pet Products is a nice looking piece of cat furniture that doesn’t really look like cat furniture. These cat shelves are more difficult to install than most, but once they are securely on the wall, your cats will love them.


The Designer Pet Product Sophia Wall-Mounted Cat Tree is the companion product to the Sebastian Modern Cat Tree. The boxed design is functional for both you and your cat. One box is has a cutout designed for your cat while the other can be used as a bookshelf because it is completely enclosed.

The Sophia Wall-Mounted Cat Tree is made of particleboard and comes in two finishes: white and black. Non-replaceable carpet squares are glued on both perches. These cat shelves are designed to support up to 25lbs. Mounting hardware and instructions are included.

Overall Dimensions: 32″L x 10″W x 13″H

Shelf Dimensions: 14″L x 10″W

Entrance Cutout: 7.5”W x 8”H

Item Weight: 19 pounds

Mounting Hole Spacing: 14” apart


As with the Sebastian Modern Cat Tree, The Sophia Wall-Mounted Cat Tree is equally troublesome to install. Designer Pet Products has a history of shipping their cat products with missing hardware. Another common quality control issue is with the pre-drilled holes not aligning properly.

Rather than spacing the mounting holes 16” apart so they can be mounted on 2 standard beams, they are spaced 14” apart. Therefore, it is impossible to properly secure this cat shelf to 2 studs. We therefore recommend purchasing heavier-duty mounting brackets than the ones that come with these cat shelves.


The Sophia Wall-Mounted Cat Tree has a contemporary design that can easily pass as a decorative bookshelf. The fact that one of the boxes is designed for storage makes it even more believable that this is human furniture rather than cat furniture. These cat shelves come in white and black and can be arranged in a variety of configurations. About the only unattractive part of the Sophia Cat Shelves are the unsightly exposed mounting brackets.

When combined with the Sebastian Modern Cat Tree, these cat shelves look really great.


The Sophia Wall-Mounted Cat Tree is large enough for multiple cats to be on at the same time. But be warned – this cat tree is not designed to support more than 25 pounds. If you don’t mount these cat shelves in at least one stud each, we can pretty much guarantee they’ll tear out of the wall when your rambunctious cat jumps on them. So please take extra precautions to securely mount these shelves.

The carpet squares are a great feature, but we wish they were on all of the surfaces rather than just the 2 open perches. The tops of both boxes are uncarpeted and they are very slippery.

On a positive note, both Arya and Django love these cat shelves. The cubby area is a little small for Django, but Arya thinks it is the perfect hangout spot.


Designer Pet Products has a lot of room for improvement when it comes to quality control. Both the design and craftsmanship of the Sophia Wall-Mounted Cat Tree are not in line with similarly priced cat furniture products. We’ve dealt first-hand with missing hardware, warped shelves, chipped paint, misaligned holes, and low-quality brackets.


  • Dual-functional shelves
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Great for climbing
  • Blends in with décor


  • Difficult to install
  • Low-quality
  • Warped shelves with sharp edges
  • Unattractive brackets
  • Top surfaces are slippery

Summary / Recommendations

The Sophia Wall-Mounted Cat Tree is an attractive looking cat shelf with a lot of room for improvement. If you are like us and you’ve fallen for this particular aesthetic, just be prepared for some quality-control oversights. After several custom alterations and a very frustrating installation process, these cat shelves are decent at best. If it weren’t for the fact that our cats love them, we would have probably sent them back.


For a similar price and a lot higher quality, we recommend The Refined Feline Cat Clouds Cat Shelf. And if you’re willing to pay a bit extra for a more contemporary look, we recommend the Refined Feline Lotus Branch and Lotus Leaf Cat Shelves.