Top Automatic Litter Boxes of 2017


The Litter-Robot Open Air III is our top-rated automatic self-cleaning litter box. The quality and functionality of the Litter-Robot is unmatched in this market. Quality design, tons of user-friendly features, and no proprietary parts make the Litter-Robot our top pick.

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The CatGenie is the only fully automatic litter box on the market. Not only does it do the scooping for you, but it also disposes of it through a drain line. If the thought of never having to scoop or even throw out kitty litter is appealing to you, this might be the perfect product for your home.

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If you’re tired of scooping cat litter and you’re ready for a dust-free alternative to traditional litter, the ScoopFree Ultra Self Cleaning Litter Box might be the perfect solution.  This affordable litter box is quiet, durable, and makes cleaning a breeze.

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The LitterMaid Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box is a no-frills product that will save you considerable time scooping the litter box. LitterMaid’s line of products have a number of great features at an affordable price that makes it easy for a lot of cat owners to overlook some of the shortcomings.

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