Neko Flies Kragonfly with Rod Review

Neko Flies Kragonfly with Rod


Cat Engagement






Durability / Longevity



  • Looks realistic
  • Sturdy Wand
  • Replacement Danglers available


  • Very Pricey
  • Short Wand
  • Hazardous if swallowed

The Neko Flies Kragonfly interactive cat toy is one of the most realistic looking cat toys on the market. And the replaceable Kragonfly dangler is much more durable than you’d think.

Neko Flies Kragonfly is made in China and features a 21.5” clear rod with a realistic toy fly attached by a thick green string. The wand itself is quite sturdy, but we wish it was a bit longer. With the weight of the thick string and fly attachment, the short wand makes it a challenge to get the toy moving. The Neko Flies Kragonfly and other Neko Flies wand attachments are pricier than your average interactive cat toy. We appreciate that the toy attachments come with a new string since this is often the thing that breaks first. We just wish the price was more in line with comparable cat toys.

SAFETY WARNING: When the Kragonfly dangler begins to show signs of wear it will need to be tossed out immediately before any of the pieces come loose. As responsible cat owners, you should never leave this toy or any interactive wand toys out when you aren’t using them. Keep them secured in a closet or drawer.