Play-N-Squeak Bounce-N-Pounce Wand Review

Play-N-Squeak Bounce-N-Pounce Wand Interactive Cat Toy


Cat Engagement






Durability / Longevity



  • Cats like squeaking noise
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Also has a Feather Teaser


  • Knots easily
  • Squeaking gets annoying
  • Rope frays over time
  • Dangerous when worn

The Our Pets Play-N-Squeak Bounce-N-Pounce Wand toy is sure to get your cat’s attention. With a feather teaser on the tip of the wand and a squeaking mouse toy attached by a heavy-duty braided elastic string, this toy has a lot going on.

Our Pets Play-N-Squeak Bounce-N-Pounce Wand toy consists of an 18” plastic wand, feathers, braided elastic rope, and a catnip-filled squeaky mouse attachment. None of the parts are replaceable. The feathers will be the first thing that gets destroyed on this toy. The bouncy rope is pretty durable and should last longer than the average string. The squeaky mouse is showing some signs of wear, but after 6 months, the squeaker is still functioning! As soon as your cats hear this toy, they’ll come running.

SAFETY WARNING: When the Mouse attachment begins to show signs of wear it will need to be tossed out immediately before the plastic squeaker becomes exposed. As responsible cat owners, you should never leave this toy or any interactive wand toys out when you aren’t using them. Keep them secured in a closet or drawer.