High-Rise Leaf Chasers

It’s a breezy fall day and I’m on a mission to stock up on leaves for my cats’ entertainment. I’m vaguely aware that I’m getting strange looks from onlookers and my front doorman. I guess leaf-gathering isn’t a normal pastime in the city. It crosses my mind that maybe I should explain to them what I’m doing, but I quickly decide against saying anything. Non cat people simply wouldn’t understand.

As a high-rise condo dweller with 2 high-energy Savannah Cats, I’m constantly looking for ways to keep them amused. With a 20-foot tall glass wall separating my loft apartment from the outside world, who needs TV! My cats could watch their very own kitty-TV by looking out the window. Their favorite channel is Birds in Flight. Both of my cats go nuts when a bird or bug comes anywhere in sight. And since installing a bird-feeder on my 10th floor balcony would most likely be frowned upon by my neighbors and condo association, I needed another source of outside-entertainment.

That’s when I discovered the magic of Leaves! It turns out that throwing a few leaves on the balcony can provide hours of entertainment for your cats. Of course, I would never think of actually letting my cats out on the balcony. Thankfully, they are perfectly content chasing, chirping, and occasionally growling at the leaves from the safety of my living room.