Best Savannah Cat Toys

So your rambunctious Savannah Cat has just destroyed the latest batch of cat toys in under a week and you’re starting to wonder if there’s anything out there that’ll last. We are here to help. Savannah Cats are notorious for being rough on their toys. We’ve tested out hundreds of cat toys over the years and found a few that’ll hold up better than the rest.

Not all cat toys are created equally. And some can be particularly dangerous if you have a feisty feline, like a Savannah, who wreaks havoc on most cat toys. Savannahs will often play with a new toy until they completely destroy it, or “kill” it. Your average domestic cat would probably lose interest in the toy relatively quickly, which would prevent it from getting destroyed immediately. Most cat toys are designed for average cats, not Savannahs. The best Savannah Cat toys are extremely durable, made of safe, quality materials and aren’t too small.

What to Avoid

There are very few cat toys on the market that are safe enough to be left out for your Savannah Cat. In general, try to avoid toys that have feathers and small pieces that are glued on, like beady eyes or tails. These will be the first to get ripped off and possibly ingested. Avoid toys that have metal pieces or wire on the inside. If and when your Savannah shreds these toys, they could be seriously injured. We also recommend that you avoid small plush toys all together. The larger ones might hold up a bit longer, but the small ones are too enticing for your Savannah to eat.

Top Brands

The most durable and long-lasting cat toys on the market aren’t actually cat toys at all. They are dog toys. Two of the brands that we’ve had the most luck with are Ethical Pet and KONG. Their specialty is making tough toys that are safe for all pets.  And the best Savannah Cat toys are extra tough and very safe.

Ethical Pet Toys: We’ve had great success with Ethical Skinneeez dog toys. The Mini Skinneeez Dog Toy is about 14-inches long which is a good size for most Savannah Cats. Skinneeez also makes 2 different sized cat toys. We recommend the Jumbo Skinneeez Cat Toys that are 8-12-inches long. But for Savannah Cats, we do not recommend the standard Skinneeez Cat Toy which is only 3-inches long. They are super cute, but our Savannah Cat chewed the tail off of one of them in no time.

Ethical Pet Colorful Plastic Springs and Kitty Fun Tubes are durable and safe for Savannahs. Our Savannahs enjoy batting these toys around the floor and playing fetch with them.

KONG Toys: The refillable catnip squirrel/beaver toys by KONG are very popular amongst Savannahs. They resemble actual prey and they’re durable enough to hold up to a lot of abuse. If your Savannah is a fan of balls, we recommend you avoid the cheap plastic jingle balls that easily come apart and can pose a choking hazard. Instead, check out KONG’s XS SqueakAIR Balls or the KONG Active Treat Ball Toy.

Best Wand Toys

The best wand cat toys for Savannahs have long strings and sticks to maximize movement. Our absolute favorite wand toy for Savannah Cats is the CatTail Teaser.  This toy is incredibly durable and the expandable wand makes it easy to get your cats running all over the house.

A few of our other favorites are The Cat Charmer by Cat Dancer Products, Da Bird by GoCat and Go-Fur-It by PURRfect Cat Toys. As long as you keep these toys securely locked away when you’re not playing with them, they should last longer than other interactive wand toys on the market.

Original Post Date: 9/3/16