The Christmas Cats

Tis the season of Christmas trees, ornaments, and presents. It’s the time when families come together and good times are shared by all. Christmas also happens to be your cat’s favorite holiday of year, but for entirely different reasons. Christmastime means there will be a Christmas tree!

There’s something about the Christmas tree that awakens the wild beast inside my cats. No introductory period is needed. As soon as that 9-foot pine needle-shedding tree is carted into my living room, it is love at first sight for my cats. They abandon their old napping spots in place of the cozy tree apron. They closely monitor every activity that surrounds the tree and willingly offer their assistance when decorating is on the agenda. At night I can hear them batting ornaments around on the floor. The area beneath the tree becomes the arena for epic battles between Arya and Django. The tree is also the location for staging of all attacks against humans and imaginary creatures (which are also more prevalent this time of year).

The magnificent Christmas tree brings with it cat toys of all shapes and sizes that are ripe for the picking, a warm sleeping area, a new hiding spot only accessible to cats, and the best jungle gym in the house. And for cat owners, we just get to watch in sheer amazement (or terror) as our innocent kitties transform into mischievous gremlins.

For the veteran cat owner who wouldn’t dare hang precious ornaments and whose only worry is that their cat might injure themselves when they knock over the tree, Christmas with the cats is a very amusing time of year.