Cat vs. Toilet Paper

I’m not sure what it is about the Charmin Extra Soft Roll of Toilet Paper that makes my cat, Django, go into an insane shredding frenzy, but I wish I could make it stop!

For years I resorted to stashing the rolls of toilet paper in the drawers under the sink. But one day he discovered how to open drawers and it was like he hit the toilet paper jackpot. I came home to find a huge mess. At least 4 rolls were shredded beyond use. Now I store the TP in the bathroom cabinet, which thankfully has been impenetrable, thus far.

Having to hide the TP is a bit of a nuisance. And it almost always backfires when you have guests over. Django makes frequent visits to the guest bathroom when I have company over because he knows that’s his best opportunity to find a fresh roll left unattended.