Here’s Why You Need To Get A Cat: 22 Reasons Why Cats Make Your Life Better

In today’s stressful world, people are trying all sorts of things to try and make their lives better.

While for some that may mean making more money or taking a vacation, others have found the answer to life’s problems at their local animal shelter.

That’s because there are numerous furry and friendly felines waiting to see if they become the newest member of the family. And unbeknownst to many of those trying to decide which kitty to take home, there are many fascinating ways those kitties will make their lives better.

From improving their health to helping them make new friends and much more, cats work wonders in people’s lives. Here are some of the best, science-backed reasons to get a cat.

A Good Night’s Sleep

If you want to sleep soundly, curl up in bed with a kitty. In fact, studies show people who do so are twice as likely to sleep better than to be annoyed that their bed is being shared.

Pet Your Kitty To Chill Out

 According to researchers, if you pet a cat when you start to feel stressed, your periods of stress will be much shorter, helping to make your day much brighter.

Watch Cat Videos For Less Stress

Whether you pet a kitty or simply watch cat videos, doing so will reduce your stress and anxiety, so plan on spending some time on YouTube with a kitty in your lap. Seriously! The day has finally come where we can prove that watching cat videos is good for our health.

Fewer Cardiovascular Problems

When it comes to heart health, cats can often do more good than your local cardiologist. According to scientists, owning a cat will lead to reduced risks of strokes, heart attacks, hypertension, high cholesterol and triglycerides, and more.

In recent studies, heart attack risks were down as much as 30 percent, and some people with high blood pressure did so well with kitties they were able to reduce or discontinue medications.

Live Longer and Better

While people today are on average living longer than ever, owning a cat can make this a virtual certainty. Research studies indicate cat owners tend to live longer than non-cat owners, and also reduce loneliness while increasing companionship for senior citizens.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

If you’re wanting to help the environment, get a cat. Studies have concluded owning a cat leaves a much smaller carbon footprint than owning a dog. In fact, having a cat has a carbon footprint comparable to that of a compact car, while dog owners leave a carbon footprint equivalent to a Hummer.

Improving Your Mood

Even though dogs can put a smile on your face, cats apparently have an even greater power to make you happy. For example, if you suffer from mild to moderate depression, owning a friendly feline can help alleviate this problem in many ways.

For starters, research has shown cats can sometimes improve your mood more so than your spouse or partner. Plus, a cat’s quest for excitement will get you off the couch and playing with them, which also gives you some much-needed exercise.

And since cats are experts at sleeping up to 20 hours per day, they teach you to slow down and smell the catnip now and then.

Make More Friends and Get More Dates

If your social life needs a boost, having a cat as a member of your household will do wonders for you in many ways. By owning a cat, your social network will suddenly expand. Whether you’re at the veterinarian’s office or the cat food aisle at the supermarket, chances are you’ll strike up a conversation with other cat lovers, which can be the start of a new friendship.

And if you’re looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, owning a cat has been shown to help people’s dating lives, so put Fluffy or Felix to work for you as soon as possible.

Healing Powers

Believe it or not, cats have incredible healing powers.

For example, when cats purr, they do so at a frequency that some people believe helps heal bones and wounds.

Kitties also help autistic children and adults stay calm and communicate better with others, help kids reduce their risks of developing allergies and asthma, and are even helping cancer researchers learn more about the disease.

Cats also teach us to learn more about what makes us tick, since owners spend time wondering the same thing about their felines.

And while all this is happening, you’ll also spend far less time and money visiting your doctor’s office. According to statistics, cat owners worldwide save taxpayers more than $1 billion annually in healthcare costs by visiting the hospital less.

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Guest Post by Emily Parker