Gifts for Dog Lovers

We usually all have at least one person in our life whose dog is their world. They may even refer to themselves as a doggy parent, and talk about their four-legged companion as if they are their children. So, with the holidays right around the corner, what do you get for the dog lover in your life? Treats and huge rawhide bones are often the go-to, but they unfortunately only come with one use. This year, get them a gift they can use for years to come. Here's some suggestions to get you started.


Dog-Monitoring Cameras

Let’s set the scene: you’re out to lunch with your friend, but they simply can’t get their mind off their pooch. I wonder what Fido is up to? Did he settle down after I left? Maybe I should go home and make sure he is okay. As much as dog owners hate it, our dogs can’t accompany us everywhere we go, and sometimes leaving them at home is a must despite how much it tugs at our heartstrings. Provide your loved one with some peace of mind by purchasing a dog-monitoring camera. The camera serves as a webcam, providing real time video of their dog and his current ramblings. There are even some cameras that have a microphone, allowing them to interact with and play with their pooch no matter how many miles away they are. With their ease of use, they can be used while they are running errands, at work, or at this year’s holiday party.

Dog Trackers

One of a dog owner's worst fears is not being able to find them, whether they are prone to wander or made an escape from the yard, fence, or through an open door. While having a dog tag with the owner’s information is certainly helpful, wouldn’t it be nice if they could track their pup’s whereabouts in real time for quick and easy location? With a dog tracker, they can! Using their smartphone and the accompanying base station, they can sync the tracker to their phone to provide GPS location tracking via the linked collar. Depending on the tracker, it may require a service plan, but the extra safety is well worth it.

Dog Crates

A crate is one of the first items dog owners purchase, but why not upgrade their crate for them this year? When you think of a dog crate, the first thing you picture is the large, metal variety. However, there are options that are more aesthetically pleasing such as ones made of wood that can double as a side table for home décor. Perhaps you can meet a need, such as the fact that their pooch isn’t too keen on crate time. It can be a workout trying to convince a pooch to get in his crate, but a crate with double doors can make it much easier to coax a wary pooch inside.

Dog Beds

The holidays are synonymous with being cozy, and dogs deserve a comfortable place to rest after a long day too. Ramp up the relaxation game with a dog bed they won’t be able to get enough of such as one made of memory foam. Keep in mind that size matters, so you’ll want the bed to support their pooch properly and withstand even the heaviest of sleepers. Look for beds that can be washed in case of an accident or an odor buildup to make for a gift that keeps on giving.

As hard as it is to believe, the holidays are closer than ever. Make this year extra special with a gift your dog-loving friend will not only appreciate, but also use over and over again.


Guest Post by Cindy Aldridge