Catit Flower Fountain Filter Comparison

So now that you’ve got your new Catit Flower Fountain all set up and your cats love it, now it’s time to stock up on filters. There are a few different filter options on the market that are designed for the Catit Flower Fountain. We’ve tested them all out and determined which filters provide the best value.

Fountain filters are necessary if you want your cat to have fresh, debris-free drinking water. But they are also needed to prevent the fountain motor from getting clogged and prematurely wearing out. While some cat fountains have separate filters for removing solids and bad tastes, the Catit Flower Fountain uses a single combination filter. All 4 of the Catit Flower Fountain Filters that we reviewed recommend replacement every 3 to 4 weeks.

While the upfront cost of the Catit Flower Fountain is reasonable, the ongoing cost of replacing the filters can get very pricey. The Catit Flower Fountain hasn’t been on the market for very long, but thankfully off-brand filters have already become available. And the more competition there is in the fountain filter industry, the better it’ll be for consumers.

The Catit Triple Action Fountain Filter is the filter that actually came with the Catit Flower Fountain. This filter is also compatible with the older version Catit Fresh & Clear Fountain. This filter fits snuggly into the recessed opening in the Catit Flower Fountain.

The Triple Action Filter has a slotted plastic base with 4 compartments. Two compartments contain packets of activated carbon for improving taste and two compartments contain packets of ion-exchange resin for water softening. The filter is topped with a layer of foam that covers all 4 compartments and filters out solids. The circular filter is designed to fit perfectly inside the Catit Flower Fountain with the plastic side down and the foam side up.

The Catit Triple Action Fountain Filters are sold in packs of 2 or 5. If you buy them in packs of 5, which are a much better value, the filters are approximately $3.00 each.

PetStandard is a trusted company that has been making affordably priced replica pet fountain filters for several years. The PetStandard Water Filters for Catit Flower Fountains is also compatible with the Catit Design Senses and the Catit Fresh & Clear Fountains.

PetStandard’s filters are virtually identical to the original Catit Triple Action Fountain Filters. They have a slotted plastic base, 2 activated carbon compartments, 2 water-softening compartments, and a polyester mesh top. The only visual difference between these two filters is that the PetStandard Filter has a slightly thinner and denser foam topping than the Catit Triple Action Fountain Filter. In the picture below, the PetStandard Filter is on the left and the Catit Triple Action Filter is on the right. The differences are barely noticeable. 

The PetStandard Water Filters are sold in packs of 6 and cost approximately $2.50 each.

Fatkitt is another off-brand filter company that has recently popped up in response to the high demand for affordable fountain filters. The Fatkitt Carbon Filters are nearly identical to the PetStandard Water Filters. They have the heavy-duty plastic casing and compartments for water softening media and activated carbon. The mesh foam is similar to that of the PetStandard Filters in that it is relatively thin and dense.

The Fatkitt Carbon Filters are sold in packs of 8 and cost approximately $2.11 each. This is the best value filter currently on the market that has water-softening functionality.

The Catit Fresh & Clear Foam / Carbon Filters were designed for the Fresh & Clear Fountain, but they also work in the Catit Flower Fountain. We have found that these filters don’t last quite as long as the Catit Triple Action Filters, the PetStandard Filters, or the Fatkitt Filters. Replacement is recommended every 3 weeks for the Catit Fresh & Clear Foam / Carbon Filters.

The Catit Fresh & Clear Filters aren’t nearly as robust as the Triple Action Filters that came with the Catit Flower Fountain. The Catit Fresh & Clear Filters are dual-function filters. They consist of a carbon layer to improve taste and a foam layer for filtering out solids and impurities. The two pliable layers are sewn together. The entire filter is about half the thickness of the Triple Action Filter.

When placed in the Catit Flower Fountain, the white foam side should face up and the black carbon side should face down. Since these filters aren’t as thick as the filters specifically designed for the Catit Flower Fountain, you may notice some floatation. But as long as the fountain is filled to the appropriate level, the filter should work just fine. These filters have a slightly larger diameter which makes them not fit all the way in the recessed compartment. But again, they do fit inside the fountain and provide adequate filtration.

You should always thoroughly rinse carbon filters prior to use, but with these Catit Fresh & Clear Filters in particular, they might need 2 or 3 times the amount of rinsing to get all the loose carbon off. If you skip the rinsing, you’ll notice black debris starts to circulate in your fountain almost immediately. While activated carbon doesn’t pose any health problems if ingested, it is definitely a nuisance if you’re trying to keep the fountain clean.

Catit Fresh & Clear Foam / Carbon Filters are sold in packs of 3, but can be purchased in bundles of up to 108 filters. The price per filter varies significantly depending on how many filters you buy, but they generally range from $1.75/filter to $3.50/filter. For an 18 pack of filters, the cost is approximately $2.04 each.

Summary / Recommendations

The Catit Flower Fountain is an excellent cat fountain, but it wouldn’t be at the top of our fountain list if it weren’t for the filters. With so many filter options on the market it can be very frustrating trying to decide which ones to buy.

While there are bound to be several off-brand or knockoff filters on the market that are of inferior quality compared to the name brand Catit Triple Action Filters, the 2 that we reviewed (PetStandard & Fatkitt) are of equal quality. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best value filter for the Catit Flower Fountain, we recommend going with either the Fatkitt or PetStandard Filters for the Catit Flower Fountain.

Fatkitt Filter

PetStandard Filter

If you live in an area that has soft water or you already have a water-softening system in your home, the Catit Fresh & Clear Foam / Carbon Filters might not be a bad idea if you can get them for under $2 each.


  1. Buy in Bulk - In general, buying in bulk will get you the best deal on all of these fountain filters.
  2. Use Filtered Water - You can extend the life of your filters if you start off by using filtered water instead of water from the tap.
  3. Rinse Before Use - Whenever activated carbon is used within a filter, thoroughly rinse it prior to putting it in the fountain.